Project Trust

This page aims to answer some of the basic questions people may have.

Who Are Project Trust?

Project Trust (PT) is an excellent education charity that select around 300 school leavers each year to different countries around the world. These young people are sent on 8-month or 12-month volunteering programmes, mostly in teaching or social care, and as of 2017, PT has been sending volunteers around the globe for 50 years!

What Are You Doing With PT?

As of July 2018, I have learnt that I will be working at Colegio Juan Luis Undurraga de Quilicura, in Chile. In November 2017 I went on my selection course, and at the beginning of December 2017 I began fundraising for my year overseas. After my training course in July 2018, I learnt that I will be working as a TESOL language assistant. As my project is brand new this year, currently I don’t have much information about it. I hope to update everyone about it through this blog, however.

How Can I Help?

In order to go to Chile with PT I need to raise £6,200 to pay for training, flights, insurance, overseas support etc. People can help by attending fundraising events I’ll be hosting, giving donations or just lending a hand any way they can.

That’s it for now! Keep an eye on the blog, or my Facebook page for updates on selection, fundraising events and more information!

This blog is a personal blog written by Imogen Dixon. As such the views expressed in this blog are those of Imogen Dixon and are not those of Project Trust.